UAV Drone Aerial Survey


BCE Spatial offers a different viewpoint by providing aerial survey services using UAVs or drones. Aerial drone surveying allows work on-site to continue without being disrupted.  To ensure an accurate UAV drone aerial survey BCE Spatial has a comprehensive suite of 3D model and close-range imagery products. This allows BCE to aerially survey small areas all the while providing geo referenced, high-resolution imagery.

Lightweight and easily transportable our roto-copter UAV drone is useful in surveying difficult to enter work sites or even hazardous areas and inspecting environmentally sensitive areas. Aerial data can be captured and then reproduced to show the progress and changes of a site over a period of time. Using a UAV drone to perform surveying duties can reduce the time spent and on a project and save money compared to traditional ways of performing an aerial survey.

Why Do a UAV Drone Aerial Survey?

  • Track the progress of projects over time.
  • Capture a large amount of data of complex and large projects in a short period of time.
  • Collect surveying data while not disrupting work processes on the ground.
  • Cost-effectiveness.


Our UAV Drone Aerial Survey Services

BCE Spatial licensed and high trained operators provide survey accurate, QA controlled services in such as

  • Geo-referenced Ortho-mosaics
  • Volumetric calculations EOM Stockpile Calculations
  • Asset Inspections powerlines pipes plant
  • Vegetation Surveys
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Heritage Area Reporting
  • Multispectral imagery

Our UAV Drone Aerial Survey Equipment

BCE Spatial team members would use a variety of equipment during the course of a drone survey, depending on the nature of the project. Listed below are some examples. 

  • Rotocopter Drone various cameras
  • Survey grade Trimble MX-8 mobile 3D scanner
  • Trimble robotic total stations Faro & Trimble 3D scanners
  • Trimble SPS series machine control robotic Trimble Dini digital levels
  • Trimble R8 GPS units


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