Imagining and Scanning Services

BCE Spatial’s Imaging & Scanning Services include the capture, management and provision of high resolution survey accurate 3D data. 

Our technologies include:

Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS) produces accurate and precise geospatial data at or near highway speeds.

MLS is being used effectively with road, rail and built form surveys due to its ability to capture vast amounts of data accurately, quickly and safely.

MLS can support rapid project delivery and is used in a wide variety of applications including preliminary investigations, asset management, as-built documentation, bridge rehabilitation, sight distance upgrades, railway crossings, structure assessment, volume and route surveys and many more applications.

With the onset of SMART cities, Autonomous Vehicles and the need for large scale 3D data increasing, BCE Spatial can safely collect spatial data for structures, sites, or objects quickly and remotely.

A 3D scan provides accurate point cloud data that can then be geo-referenced and electronically surveyed, modelled, create contours, extract assets, find features etc and used in other 3D CAD software applications.

3D Laser Scanning Applications include however are not limited to:

  • Lidar Mapping of Roads for use by Autonomous Vehicles
  • Site and engineering surveys
  • Detailed road corridor surveys
  • Detailed rail corridor surveys
  • Powerline surveys
  • As-build surveys
  • Detailed intersection surveys
  • Volume and area calculations
  • Topographic and detail surveys
  • Fabrication and construction inspections
  • Construction progress inspections
  • Quantity surveys
  • Manufacturing & reverse engineering
  • Historical archiving
  • plus many more applications



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